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Keramikos Kitchen Ceramic Knife Manufacturer of Vancouver, Canada and Washington, USA.

Keramikos Kitchen manufactures and sells affordable, high quality ceramic knives. We are a Vancouver, BC and Washington, USA based company and first got our start in 2008. We had a vision to make the best quality kitchenware, provide great customer service and an enjoyable shopping experience. We are proud of our products and use them in our own homes. This Celebrity Chef Anthony Sedlak uses Keramikos Kitchen ceramic knifes and you should too! We are certain that once you use our knives you will never go back to ordinary metal kitchen knives. 97% of our customers would recommend our knives to others.

Buy Ceramic Kitchen Knives at Our Online Shop or Home Show Events

You can purchase ceramic kitchen knives here on our website, or in person at a home show. We participate in culinary events each year. Stop by our booth to see our ceramic knives and kitchen accessories in person! Check out our food blog and our kitchen event schedule. Awaken the inner chef in you and enjoy cooking at home once again. Our knives make great gifts too. Don’t miss out on our holiday knife sale!

Keramikos Kitchen Designer Kitchenware Lineup

Ceramic Knives
Chef’s Knife | Black Ceramic Knife | White Ceramic Knife

Kitchen Accessories
Vegetable and Fruit Peeler | Acrylic Knife Holder
Bamboo Knife Case | Bamboo Cutting Board

8-inch-chef-knife-black-handle8 Inch Ceramic Chef Knife with White Blade and Black Handle

Packed in a hand crafted bamboo box for easy and safe storage this 8 inch white Ceramic Chef’s Knife is a beautiful addition to any kitchen.


8-inch-black-ceramic-chef-knife-mirror-28 Inch Black Ceramic Chef Knife With Mirror Finish

Our 8 inch black ceramic chef knife with mirror finish is a zirconium carbide knife which turns black when fired. Packed in a hand crafted bamboo box for easy, stylish storage.

5-piece-ceramic-knife-set-stand-45 Piece Multi-Color, Red Handle & 7 Piece White Ceramic Knife Set

7 piece or 5 piece white ceramic knife set includes your favourite ceramic knives plus an acrylic knife block for safe storage. Also contains bonus ceramic peeler – great for vegetables and fruit.

5-piece-black-ceramic-knife-set-15 Piece Black on Black Ceramic Knife Set

Made from zirconium carbide, these knives turn black when fired. This black ceramic knife set is incredibly resistant to damage, even from misuse. Like all of our knives, if they don’t last forever we will replace them for free. Grab a set for yourself, or for someone special.

8black_2_1Bamboo Knife Case

Protect your new kitchen knives with this stylish bamboo knife case. Includes special padding and hinged closure. Buy an 8 inch Chef knife and we will include this case for free.

bamboo-cutting-boardBamboo Cutting Board – Doesn’t Absorb Germs

Sanitation and good cooking habits are very important for food safety, caring for your kitchenware and just make life easier. Pick up one of these ultra strong bamboo cutting boards for a clean cutting surface and a long life for your ceramic knives.

Ceramic PeelerCeramic Vegetable and Fruit Peeler

Enjoy peeling fresh fruits and vegetables with this lightweight, easy glide ceramic vegetable peeler.

5-piece-ceramic-knife-set-stand-2Acrylic Knife Holder

Perfect for displaying your fine ceramic knives. Buy a ceramic knife set and we will include this acrylic knife holder for free!

Dedicated to Amazing Customer Service – Company Values and Policies

We take customer service very seriously at Keramikos Kitchen. We appreciate your business and will do whatever we can to ensure you have a great shopping experience. Our policies were developed as an extension of our commitment to customer service. We also offer flexible shipping, returns and are happy to answer any questions about our products.

Kitchen Knives, Cooking Tips & Home Show Events – Keramikos Kitchen Blog

  • Keramikos Knife Show at the PNE Fair Vancouver August 20 – September 5 2016
  • Keramikos K-Days at Northlands in Edmonton – July 22 – July 31 2016
  • We’re at the Calgary Stampede Kitchenware Show – July 8 – July 17 2016